Thursday, December 23, 2004

Everybody is equal but some...

Today a court in Amsterdam sentenced a man to 2 years imprisonment for doing a death threat to minister Verdonk. The man had made a phone call to a local broadcaster and said that minister Verdonk (integration) should stop expelling so many rejected asylum seekers otherwise the same thing would happen with her as happened to Pim Fortuyn.

The sentence is so high, the judge said, because he tried to influence the government policy with the threat. 'The threat with violence to the address of Verdonk was an attack on the governing board of Dutch society' the judge said. 'With his actions E. has attacked the democratic order of the Dutch rule of law and with that the essential principles of a free and open society'.

The strange thing is, that the execution of Pim Fortuyn him self was not recognized by the Dutch court as an political murder or even an attack on the Dutch Democracy. Apparently it matters if you are part of the government or only candidate for government.

Source: fok


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