Friday, December 10, 2004

Donner: Wilders is safe if he stops

Representative Wilders in Parliament
Geert Wilders has told the Volkskrant (newspaper) that Justice minister Donner has said to him: We can handle the [security] situation of you, if you would leave the country until mid January and then come back to announce that you quit politics.

Although the secret service and it's responsible minister deny charges that they are intimidating possible candidates and sympathizers, Wilders says that he has proof. An other Representative in parliament, who sympathizers with him is called by the secret services with the request to report everything he wants to undertake [together with Wilders]. An other, a sympathizers is more or less told that by a security officer of the secret services that it would be better not to work with Wilders.

On the question if he is going to continue as he was planning he says: "I am in doubt how to do that, certainly if it is going to take long, in that case I will endanger my people. And I will have only a very few people [who dare to work with me] the rest will just not take the risk. This way, I just can't continue. I hope that the security situation is different in a few months, but the threats will probably continue for years".

Last week you said you would continue, the report asks. "I will continue. But the only way I can continue is if the security is guaranteed of the people who want to work with me or who want to support me. Either way, I must be able to provide them security. I can not say to them: 'Hey, come and join the shooting target'. Due to the security problems I am obstructed to start my political party and to fill [future parliament] seats. This not only concerns me. This is a direct obstruction of the democratic process.

according to polls, Wilders could get already 25 of the 150 seats in parliament.

Source: Volkskrant interview


Anonymous Preethy said...

I am quite late with my comment - but I have to make it because I am so shocked.

Do you remember the protection that Salman Rushdie received. All civilised societies have a duty to protect freedoms of thought expression and speech for every citizen even if he is not a public figure like Wilders.

What can I say? Donners is a pathetic cowardly bastard and should commit suicide at his complete impotence.

I have a Dutch spouse so I take interest in NL - am very nostalgic about how lovely, beautiful and liberal it was in 2000.

The muslims have fucked it up totally - I feel sorry for you guys because I dont even see anyone on the horizon with the leadeship to take this forward

9:28 PM  
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