Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Democracy is DEAD

Representative WildersOn the radio it is now announced that representative Geert Wilders will not be in parliament this week because his safety can not be guaranteed. The National coordinator for security and protections even told him that for his short term security it would be best as he would leave the country. But added the coordinator, this would not be helpful for his long term security situation, because if he returned to Holland it would probably draw media attention and that would lead to extra security threats. The national coordinator for security and protection was also instructed by Justice minister Donner (Christian Democrat), that if representative Wilders would go outside Holland he must first sign a paper that he did this on a voluntary basis.

The security personal that protects Geert Wilders told him that his seat in parliament was not safe, it is just below the public platform. Parliament chairman Weisglas (Liberal) knows about the issue, but says that he talked to the secret service (AIVD) and that it was not necessary to give Wilders an other seat in parliament. Weisglas: "Representative Wilders should not try to be involved with security, if the security services says it is needed, we will move him".

Representative Wilders who is busy to start his own conservative party says that this is nearly impossible now. People who where interested called off because the news, sited anonymous secret service agents who said that people who join or support Wilders will face the same security risks (read: dead threats). According to local politician Sorens, who worked together with assassinated Pim Fortuyn in the local election in Rotterdam, intimidation by political opponents of the major Dutch political parties is quit normal, they also intimidate him at the time.

But the responsible ministers did not want to confirm the charge that the secret service is warning Wilders supporters that their security is at risk. Justice Minister Donner (Christian Democrat): "rubbish, I can not imagine they do that" and internal affairs minister Remkes (Liberal) who is directly responsible for the secret service: "I do not know of such things". Justice minister Donner also said: "People around Wilders do not automatically get protection, they only get protection when there are direct threats against them or if we asses a danger". Then he continues to say that "in Israel there are only 7 people who get personal protection, so it is not necessary that every body around Wilders gets protection". But a Leon de Winter, reporter from Elsevier magazine says: "I have spoken with some who was in contact with Geert Wilders and who was warned by a government services about the dangers".

Not long a go both Donner and Remkes have said in parliament, that they did not make any mistakes in handling of the security of Theo van Gogh. They claimed that the security assessments around Theo van Gogh indicated no direct threat, just as the former Justice minister Klaas de Vries (Socialist) said after the murder on Pim Fortuyn. They are both dead and no minister either acknowledge their mistake or stepped down.

Thus minister Donner made that very clear: the safest option for representative Wilders is to end his political ambitions and emigrate. Not even to speak about possible supporters. The implicit message: it is better not to attract media attention any more. A parliament that is not able to protect its members, that accepts that two representatives (Hirsi Ali and Wilders) can not come to parliament and let it's members be told that they can better not speak out, is not a Democratic body any more. Holland is still a Democracy in name, but not in practice.

Sources: Telegraaf, nu, Nova, Elsevier


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