Friday, December 31, 2004

Warnings of militancy ignored

The Dutch spy chief (AIVD) has accused politicians of ignoring intelligence warnings about rising Islamic militancy in his first newspaper interview since the murder of a Dutch filmmaker critical of Islam.

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Friday, December 24, 2004

X-mas terror in Europe

We love X-mas too!Several agencies have intercepted electronic communications pointing to Al Qaida's plans to launch a major attack over the next two weeks, Western intelligence sources said. The sources said Al Qaida was planning to use Islamic subcontractors to carry out major attacks against civilian targets in Europe.

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Al-Qaida prepares for major attack over Christmas

Church burned down

Church in HarlingenIn Harlingen a church burned down. The fire started around 18.30. The cause of the fire is not reported.

Source: fok

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Everybody is equal but some...

Today a court in Amsterdam sentenced a man to 2 years imprisonment for doing a death threat to minister Verdonk. The man had made a phone call to a local broadcaster and said that minister Verdonk (integration) should stop expelling so many rejected asylum seekers otherwise the same thing would happen with her as happened to Pim Fortuyn.

The sentence is so high, the judge said, because he tried to influence the government policy with the threat. 'The threat with violence to the address of Verdonk was an attack on the governing board of Dutch society' the judge said. 'With his actions E. has attacked the democratic order of the Dutch rule of law and with that the essential principles of a free and open society'.

The strange thing is, that the execution of Pim Fortuyn him self was not recognized by the Dutch court as an political murder or even an attack on the Dutch Democracy. Apparently it matters if you are part of the government or only candidate for government.

Source: fok

Dutch names not allowed

The district council de Baarsjes (Amsterdam) has asked the central government to stop using Moroccan classifications at the municipal population register. Children of Moroccan decent get automatically the Dutch and Moroccan nationality, but only if the Moroccan parents choose a name that one of the 700 approved Moroccan names. If they would use an other name, a Dutch name for example, they are not even recognized as their children and the children would even loose the right on a inheritance. The district council says this is absurdly and not well for the integration of these children.

Source: AT5

Radicalization must stop

AwhwhhwiiiaaahhlllaDutch society does not resist radical Islam enough, According to the Dutch Secret Service (AIVD) in a report. The report “From Dawa to Jihad, the several threats of the radical Islam against the democratic order” is send to parliament today. In the report they write that it is not enough to take actions against terrorism, also the increased radicalization of Moslems must be stopped.

The government can act against people who use violence, but it is much harder to act against radical Islam that tries to undermine democracy, the secret service argues. They also point to the danger of Islamic missions that do not preach violence because they think it is not yet opportune, but do not reject violence. There are 15 to 25 Mosks in The Netherlands preaching this kind of ideas. Moslems are being told in these missions that all the non-Moslems are trying to destroy their faith or that the Western values are despicable and that a good Muslim should isolate him self from it (The service thinks this is a new trend). There is a rising importance of ‘informal’ missions by Internet or individual traveling preachers.

Moderated Muslim should get a more prominent role as an opposing force against the radicalization. But according to the secret service (AIVD), they are not powerful enough. Also is it live threatening for the moderated Muslims to speak out. Also Dutch educational institutes should learn youngsters self-criticism and not to blame everything on their religion.

The service has no good estimates on the number of radicals. But is says that a few thousand youngsters are potential recruits for the extremist. And that more Islamic youth are leaning towards a more pure form of Islam.

Sources: Trouw,,, Van dawas tot Jihad (Full report)

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Holland is at war

In his new years message the Belgium prime minister opens his letter writing that in the Netherlands "rages a real war between Christianity and Islam". He is opposed to this ideology of confrontation and equalizes the debate with words with the use of violence. His alternative is an ideology of community and dialogue.

Sources: Presscenter.BE, Elsevier

Muslim violence kept secret

Potatoes only pleaseIn Leeuwarden has a 22-year-old man held his ex-girlfriend hostage for a week. The man believed his girlfriend had met an other men and wanted to beat the truth out of her, he told the police. He has carved his name in her leg, beat her up, kicked her, punctured her with house hold equipment, has bitten her, threatened to burn and knife her among other things. The woman had cuts all across her body and possibly a broken nose. She will keep permanent scares. The man was known to the police and was already twice sentenced to conditional imprisonment. The justice asked the judge to sentence the man for 2 years imprisonment.

In Leeuwarden there has recently been more Muslim related violence, Awa who put his ex-girlfriend on fire, Albenese gangs who rule the cities center, the shoot out at the Asylum center and a Albenese guy who shoots a full round in the city center and more…

Thus the local government has a new strategy: keeping this kind of cases secret. It is now normal that the government does not want to report the ethnicity or nationality. But now they also actively try to keep ‘incidents’ like this secret. Normally all court cases appear in public records available to the press, but in this case they hide it and did not report it on the public court records. It is unknown what other cases they have been hiding for the public. It is only by accident that the local Leeuwarder Courant found out about this incident that was prosecuted in court.

Source: GeenStijl, Leeuwarder Courant

Monday, December 20, 2004

Mandatory Islam education

KoranAccording to the burgomaster Knip (VVD) of Almelo, it should become mandatory to educate all children in Islam. Integration should come from both ways according to the burgomaster. "Ignorance concerning each other and each other's culture form the largest obstacle to integration. The key to breaking through ignorance lies at the education."

Source: Tubantia

Erdogan provocative about Cyprus

TurkeyPrime Minister Balkenende was proud to have finished the talks with Turkey without breaking any pots, why? Maybe the Luxemburg delegates shine some light on the issue.

The Luxemburg delegate Asselborn, now says that Erdogan was expressing him self very provocative about Cyprus. An other Luxemburg delegate said that the debate with Turkey was at times difficult to endure.

It is said that Erdogan complained to Balkenende why he was so concerned about the well being of 50.000 people (Cyprus) at the expense of 50 million (Turkey). By this expressing is total lack of interest for the individual.

Source: Het Laatste Nieuws

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Balkenende is proud

BalkenendeIt is said that prime minister Balkenende was very proud that he pulled it of. He made the deal between the EU and Turkey and it is said he could not stop smiling. But should he be proud? It's known that Balkenende is communitaranist and his highest goal is harmony, he thinks he created harmony.

To be continued...

Friday, December 17, 2004

Girlfriend burner sentenced

AwaToday, Awa (16), the young men who tried to put his girlfriend on fire (twice) and wrote his name with a knife on her breast, is sentenced to 1.5 year imprisonment and TBS (treatment for Mental illness).

Awa, a Muslim from former Yugoslavia, was not directly caught by the police. After burning his girlfriend he made a rap song, that was distributed on the Internet. In the song he asked for her to come back and said he felt sorry for making such a mess of his life. Even when he was in prison he harassed his ex-girl friend by phone and threatened her and others.

during the trial it became clear he also abused two other ex-girlfriends. He abused them the whole summer and in the end also put them on fire. His comment: "I feel sorry about that, but I did not hit them hard or long, but they had deserved it". When the judge told him that due to the burning of his ex-girlfriend that possibly her breast needed to be amputated he said: "She has her self to blame".

According to the psychiatrist who researched him, he is extremely violent and has a very short fuse. And also: Awa is a "psychopathic narcist who is very treatment-resistant". He threatened the psychiatrist when he was telling him his findings.

Source: GeenStijl

I am disgusted of Balkenende

Independent representative Wilders is back in parliament. "I am very happy to be back here". But he also said: "I am disgusted if I see that prime minister Balkenende is going to talk to the Muslim community after the slaughter of Theo van Gogh!".

Prime Minister Balkenende did not visit the murder site, family, funeral of Theo van Gogh. But he did visit the Muslim community, the murderer was a Muslim.

Source: Dagblad de Limburger

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Life itself reason for euthanasia

HadamarUnder strict condition it is allowed for doctors to assist suicide or to apply euthanasia at patients who are not sick but "suffer from life". The commission Dijkhuis wrote this in an advice to the Dutch doctor organization.

The Chairman of the commission is emeritus professor of clinical psychology and psychotherapy Jos Dijkhuis. "Suffering become too much correlated to sickness", he says in an interview in the Newspaper (Volkskrant). "Also when people suffer from life itself they also can claim to suffer unbearable with no expectation of improvement." [This reason is a legal reason for euthanasia in The Netherlands].

The Dutch doctor organization had requested the advice because a doctor has been prosecuted and sentenced for euthanasation on a former PM who had no medically classified physical or mental illness, but claimed to be "tired of life".


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Parliament debates police underwear

Underwear makes the man!In these disturbing times of war and terror attacks, the Dutch parliament takes the security of the Dutch people very serious. Today they discussed an important police matter: the uniform. The parliament has discussed it in great detail. Representative Eerdmans (LPF) wanted an uniform that looked scary so the people would show more respect for the police. The Christian Democrats (CDA) "did not wanted blue underwear. They preferred white, because that looks better with the uniform".

Source: Telegraaf

My name is Jihad

My name is Jihad!Amsterdam is no longer going to accept the name 'Jihad' for their new born inhabitants. Earlier this year, it did accept the name given to a girl from Moroccan parents. But the Moroccan embassy says they no longer accept the name and do not want to give a passport. In Holland around 6 children a year are given the name: 'Jihad'.

Van Gogh murder leads to Belgium

Jihaad in HollandThe police is investigating links between Dutch-Moroccan Ismaël A. (21) and the Belgium-Moroccan terrorist Abdelkader Hakimi. Ismaël A. is a member of the Hofstad Terror cell, who's member Mohammed Bouyeri (26) executed Theo van Gogh. The group was planning also attacks on representatives Geert Wilders and Hirsi Ali.

In the addresbook of Abdelkadar Hakimi they found the phone number of Ismaël A. The Belgium police sees Hakimi as the European leader of Groupe Islamique Combattant Marocain (GICM), a terror group that is linked to al-Qaeda and is behind the attacks in Casablanca and Madrid. In 1985 a Moroccan court, although he was not in their custody, has given him the death sentence. He is in a Belgium jail since March on suspicion of terrorism.

Source: Planet

Monday, December 13, 2004

Minister: Submission is provocation

SubmissionMinister Brinkhorst of economic affairs has said in an interview with a Dutch magazine 'VN' that he thinks representative Hirsi Ali [now in hiding and not able to come to parliament] is provoking the Muslims. Making the film Submission, which she produced with Theo van Gogh, was very unwise he said. "When I saw the movie, I thought, Ouch! Ouch! Is this going to end well? You know what happens if you light up a cigarette in a ammunition depot. A movie likes this is allowed, but I think it is not wise. I find it very understandable that Muslims get agitated by it. Don't talk me about it! Who is there naive here?"

According to the minister, the creation of submission has nothing to do with freedom of speech. "If I am going to stand in front of my neighbor's house and shout all day long: 'fuck hoar', she is going to be angry. You shouldn't be surprised by that. The situation is vulnerable with so many antagonisms. If you then continuously repeats that you are right and want that to get acknowledged, then you help create a climate where solutions are no longer possible. This is how I think about it and I will fight for that idea."

Brinkhorst also thinks it is time for a new political movement. A movement that will be in the political middle ground that will fight populism. The supporters can come from the PvdA (Socialist), VVD (Liberals), CDA (Christians) and his own party D66 (Socialist-liberals). "It is time for a new proposition to society, just like D66 did in the 60s. At the time we did it because of the political system was not functional any more, now we should do it for the coherence of society. To actively promote the European idea".

In the article he also says that he is not in favor of unrestrained free speech. "I am against unrestrained saying everything. You have to reflect before you insult some one. In daily living and on the television people use words of which I say: that is provocative. That is foul, that has nothing do with the discussion of problems". According to the minister the people are being setup against each other. "If I only can conquer my freedom of speech, by humiliating you, I am being irresponsible. And I think this has to be said loud and clear, I do not think everything should be allowed".

The rest of the Dutch press did not mentioned it, but in the interview he also says that Representative Wilders is an populist and "Islamophobe". "The governments need to resist his populism." Representative Wilders is in hiding and is not able to come to the Parliament because government security says they can not protect him if he goes there. In the same interview he says he is not a real Dutchmen, he has a Indonesian mother and as a young man he was discriminated by the Dutch. He and other Indonesian immigrants had fights with the Dutch Cheese heads... [Indonesia is the biggest Islamic country in the world]

Minister Brinkhorst is from the small D66 party, a party that tries to combine Liberal and Socialist thinking. It originated in the 60s as a protest to the establishment, but is now a part of it. Minister Brinkhorst is a house friend of the royal family and his daughter has married one of the royal princes, who is second in line for the succession to the throne.

It is strange that Minister Brinkhorst says he already knew that Theo van Gogh brought himself in danger. But that the administration, of which he is a part, has always denied that and said the opposite.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs

Dutch against Turkey in EU

Will Turkey own the EU?According to a poll conducted by Maurice de Hond for the state owned 'radio 1' channel, 60% of the Dutch are against a full EU membership of Turkey. But at the same time, 65% still thinks Turkey will become a member, because the politicians have a different agenda. Nearly all political parties in Dutch parliament are in favor of a Turkeys EU membership. Only the Lijst Pim Fortuyn (Political party of murdered Pim Fortuyn), SGP (Christian fundamentalists) and independent Representative Geert Wilders. Geert Wilders was even forced to leave the Liberal VVD because he was against Turkey into the EU (90% of the voters of the VVD agree with him).

Source: fok

Housing shortage

Government housingIn Holland the government has taken a monopoly on building houses in the budget sector. The subsidized semi-governmental housing corporations (Woningcorperaties) are responsible for building in the budget market to provide affordable housing. But not enough are build.

Recent research by 'Waarborgfonds Sociale Woningbouw' reported in the Dutch Financial Paper (Financieel dagblad) revealed that these housing corporations have billions of dollars in cash reserves. But they hardly build anything substantial number of houses. With the current level of building it is calculated that their reserves will even grow even bigger.

There is growing protest against this, because there is a chronicle shortage of housing in Holland.

Turkey in the EU?

TurkeyHolland is now European chairman and has an important role into the admission procedure Turkey will get for the EU, that is, if they get it. Because Turkey does not do it's best very much, they still did not solve the Cyprus issue, they do not even want to recognize Cyprus that has recently become a member state of the EU [The Turks still occupy illegally the North of Cyprus, no other countries recognize their occupied territory].

Today Erdogan threatens the EU even further. In an interview in The Independent he warns Europe not to rebuff his country. Turkish membership of the EU can bridge the gap between the West and the Islamic world and avert a clash of civilisations.

But Poll's in the EU suggest that a Turkish admission does not have much support by the people living in the 5 biggest EU member states. According to a poll, 2/3 of the French are against, as is more than half of the Germans. In Great Britain only 42 percent supports admission. But 2/3 of Spain and 49% of Italy do support it. Each member state in the EU can use it's veto on the admission, including Cyprus.

According to a Danish TNS Gallup poll, 44% of the Turks say they want to come to Europe, if Turkey is admitted to the Union [In the EU all people can live and work where ever they like, there are no obstacles].

The BBC did interview some Turks on the street. Interesting comment where heard: "Commercially it would be good, but culturally it would be bad." or "Once we become a member maybe we will be able to wear our headscarves [in universities].".

The BBC quotes can be seen here. The Independent interview is here.


Saturday, December 11, 2004

Victor Hanson on Holland

Victor HansonIn an excellent column Victor Davis Hanson describes Europe and has special attention for Holland.

Read here his full story.

Evidence of political intimidation

Enemy of the GovernmentSix days after the murder on Theo van Gogh, director Bart Jan Spruyt of the conservative think tank, Edmund Burke Stichting, was invited to the ministry of domestic affairs. There he was advised "not to do any political judgment that would support Wilders". According to Spruyt this was said by the National Coordinator Security and Protection (NCBB). This would be safer, as he [Spruyt] was often associated with Wilders.

The same evening he also got a visit at home from officers of the Corps National Police Services (KLPD) who told him the same thing. Earlier this week Representative Wilders, who can not come to parliament due to security risks, thinks this is outrageous. Yesterday, both minister Donner (Justice) and minister Remkes (domestic affairs) that they had "no indication" that warnings like these where given to Wilders sympathizers.

At the time of that Spruyt had the conversation on the domestic affairs ministry he already had arranged for him self a temporary commercial security, after earlier security assessments gave him a increased security risk. After the NCBB conversation he choose to "take a low profile in the media". He now feels sorry for that: "I just let them intimidate me heavily, I just duck for cover".

According to the media the Dutch do not seem to care much for this news, they report that polls show that support for Wilders is fading. But Dutch media reported in the same style about the political earth quake Pim Fortuyn, who still got 20% of the votes after he was murdered days before the election.

Sources: Telegraaf, Nieuws, Nu

Israel deleted from globe

One of the biggest toy retailer, Bart Smith, is selling globe's with a 'future' map. On the globe there is no Israel and is it replaced by Palestine. The embassy of Israel wants that the retailer stops selling the globe: "This is Palestinian propaganda and we hope that the retail chain will stop selling it and send it back to the manufacturer". It could be that the globe is made in China, because Taiwan is also gone and is part of China.

Source: Telegraaf

Attack within a year

The Daily times reports that Aegis Defence Systems is saying that Al-Qaeda could stage a sea born attack within the next 12 months. Read here the full story.

Last year it was reported that the fundamentalist's Al Fourkaan mosque in Eindhoven was recruiting people for a dive trainning at the Islamic Dive center Safe Divings. Al Forukaan is a fundamentalist mosque who is involved in recruitment for the Jihad. Two of its Moroccan youngsters where shot dead by Indian border guards when they where on 'holiday' in Kashmir.

Shia support Dutch government

Rules of Dutch Muslims?The highest Iraqi Muslim Shia clergy, say they denounce the use violence by Muslims in the Netherlands. In a fatwa they say the Koran says that the use of violence to solve issues is now not permitted in the Netherlands.

The Dutch government owned news says that this is declared by al-Sistani, the highest shia clergy in Iraq and the grant Ayatollah al-Shirazi who lives in exile in Iran. The fatwa's come in response to a question from a Mosque in Assen (The Netherlands) about how to respond to on the backslash after the murder on Theo van Gogh.

In Holland there live 40.000 Iraqis and 30.000 Iranians. The majority is Shia Muslim. [In Holland live approximately 16 million people].

Friday, December 10, 2004

Hunting for Son Theo van Gogh

Two armed Muslim boys, age around 15-16, where roaming the neighborhood where Theo van Gogh lived. In the street where Theo van Gogh used to live, the Pythagorasstraat, they asked from behind their scarfs a 12 year old boy several questions. The police did not want to say what they asked, but they where asking about Lieuwe van Gogh, son of Theo van Gogh. After that they shot several times in the air.

The police assumes they used an alarm gun, because the police could not find any gun shells. Apart from a daily surveillance, Lieuwe van Gogh, does not get any protection. This is strange, because after the murder on his father, the children of alderman Aboutaleb are getting 24 hour personal protection. But hey, their father works for the government!

As usual this news got minimal attention and the state controlled TV ignored it.

Source: Telegraaf

Attack on Amsterdam sex-zone?

Justice authorities arrested a Moroccan man last month after receiving a tip-off that Islamic extremists were allegedly planning an attack on the Red Light District in Amsterdam, it was reported on Friday.

Read here the full story.

Donner: Wilders is safe if he stops

Representative Wilders in Parliament
Geert Wilders has told the Volkskrant (newspaper) that Justice minister Donner has said to him: We can handle the [security] situation of you, if you would leave the country until mid January and then come back to announce that you quit politics.

Although the secret service and it's responsible minister deny charges that they are intimidating possible candidates and sympathizers, Wilders says that he has proof. An other Representative in parliament, who sympathizers with him is called by the secret services with the request to report everything he wants to undertake [together with Wilders]. An other, a sympathizers is more or less told that by a security officer of the secret services that it would be better not to work with Wilders.

On the question if he is going to continue as he was planning he says: "I am in doubt how to do that, certainly if it is going to take long, in that case I will endanger my people. And I will have only a very few people [who dare to work with me] the rest will just not take the risk. This way, I just can't continue. I hope that the security situation is different in a few months, but the threats will probably continue for years".

Last week you said you would continue, the report asks. "I will continue. But the only way I can continue is if the security is guaranteed of the people who want to work with me or who want to support me. Either way, I must be able to provide them security. I can not say to them: 'Hey, come and join the shooting target'. Due to the security problems I am obstructed to start my political party and to fill [future parliament] seats. This not only concerns me. This is a direct obstruction of the democratic process.

according to polls, Wilders could get already 25 of the 150 seats in parliament.

Source: Volkskrant interview

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Teacher 'murdered with stolen police weapon'

The Dutch [Turkish Muslim] schoolboy who killed deputy headmaster Hans van Wieren last year used a gun stolen from a police station in The Hague, his lawyer has claimed.

Read more: Expatica

The murder was supported by many Muslim friends of the schoolboy, at the time even a small demonstration for supporting the murder was organized in front of the school.

Wilders: Minister Donner lies

Representative WildersRepresentative Wilders has send questions to prime Minister Balkenende, Justice minister Donner and Domestic affairs minister Remkes. He wants to have answers about the problems he meets in setting up a new political party. He also asks why the Justice minister lies in the press about the meeting he had with him. Donner lied when he said he never got complains from Wilders about the security around his organization.

Justice minister Donner said earlier this week: "we must watch out that we not going to see guarding and security as a status symbol". Wilders wants to know, if Donner really meant this and wants that the minister distance him self from these wordings.

Also he wants to know about the threats made by "sources in the secret services" that had told the media that employees, sympathizers and candidate representatives have a heightened security risk. Also partisans of Wilders have been warned of the dangers of cooperating with him. Because of this several of them stopped working with him.

Representative Wilders also asked for a personal conversation with Balkenende, Donner and Remkes concerning: "everything about the security of my new political movement and all related people".

The strange thing is, that the media does not give any reports of Wilders supporters. So how does the secret service know who to warn? Or would the agencies agents, who should protect Wilders, also help the agency...

Source: Telegraaf

Holland: new Weimar republic ?

Maurice de Hond
The well known political pollster Maurice de Hond is very worried about the situation in Holland. In NRC handelsblad [newspaper] he says: "The current situation looks like the Weimar republic. And every body know what happened after that. First of all: there is no trust in the government. There are no leaders, there is no vision. Second: the economy. We can wait for the next big terrorist attack or stagnation of the economy. If that happens we will have a very explosive situation".

The biggest problem is that politicians do not listen to media and public. "It is dangerous of politicians to ignore their supporters. You take away the responsibility of the people. They will distance themselves more easily of government policy if they have the feeling that they can not influence it".

"If the political system does not clean it self it will go with a boom. The signs are not hopeful. For example the 36% support for Leefbaar Rotterdam in 2001" [a new local protest party that got 36% of the votes] "That was already some kind of revolution. A boom could also happen after an economic disruption like 1929 or after a major terrorist attack".

Source: nrc

Parliamentary protest?

The leader of the communist, Social Party (SP), said in a newspaper interview that he wants parliament to protest against the security threats against two of its members. The two representatives are in hiding now and due to security risks they can not attend parliament. He proposes that each day at the start of parliament, a member of parliament repeats statements used in parliament by the two representatives. By this initiative he wants to show that free speech should be free and that parliament let is self not put out of order.

Source: Elsevier

0605: Political Murder explained

0605 - Movie about the political murder on Pim Fortuyn

Before on 2 November movie maker Theo van Gogh was assassinated he had just finished '0605', a movie about his friend Pim Fortuyn, who was assassinated on 6 may 2002. The movie is controversial, because the government and other politicians are involved in the murder. Is it an accident that Van Gogh now also is dead? Because internet provider Tiscali financed the movie, it will be first released on the Internet and only next year it will be seen on the big screen.

Tiscali: the full movie 0605 (12 December) .

Movie website of 0605

So far no english subtitles are announced.

Attack on school: Muslims?

Burning Islamic school
The Islamic school in Uden that burned down after the assassination of Theo van Gogh by a Muslim terrorist was world news. It was widely reported as a retaliation act. But new information suggest that it could be done for other reasons, possible by Muslims them selves.

The Dutch press service ANP says that the attack was done by members of a criminal youth gang called 'Harde Kern Uden' (HKU). Palet, a local support group for multi cultural development says that the HKU is a mixed gang who's members are both foreigners and natives.

Also just after the murder on Theo van Gogh, young Muslims painted racists texts and white power symbols on a school. They where arrested but said they did not had racists motives but just wanted to slander an other group they called extreme right.

Sources: ANP, Palet

FOX NEWS: Dutch are Nazi's

FOX NewsIn a column on FOX NEWS, Cal Thomas, writes that the Nazi history is repeating it self in Holland.

Read here the full story.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Terror confuses government

Please be niceToday the minister Remkes of domestic affairs said in a parliamentary debate on terrorism: "the view the government has on the terror threat is that it is complex and diffuse. Earlier we where afraid of attacks on specific targets and soft targets with many victims. But now is seems to be more a threat against persons."

According to this same minister the murder on Theo van Gogh has made clear that the threat situation has changed. By arresting the Hofstad terrorist group the direct threat reduced. But according to the minister does experience say that arrests do not lead to "a durable lower level" of motivation of extremist. He added that there are "many radicalizing individuals".

According to the government there are between 10 and 25 radical mosques in Holland. Minister Remkes announced to be tougher on subversive preaching in mosques. He said he does not want to censor them but wants small changes and bring about a tone that is moderate. As he thinks that the criminal law does not give him much leverage against anti Western and anti woman preaching, he will use other ways like: stopping government subsidies or expelling foreign imams.

So far no action has been taken by the government, not a single radical mosques is closed and no foreign radical imams are expelled.

Source: nu, Telegraaf

Democracy only damaged

Representative Hirsi AliToday parliament chairman Weisglass says the democracy is damaged because two representatives can not come to parliament due to security reasons. 'That is more than worrisome' and 'it is really less enjoyable' in the parliament, he says. He urged other representatives who worry about their security to take an example on Hirsi Ali and Geert Wilders who 'brave and fearlessly continue'. He did not announce that the parliament is going to change it's security so the two representatives can continue their work.

Source: nu,

Security? Taxes!

In the Dutch press the political party, LPF, started by the murdered Pim Fortuyn is under attack for arranging protection for it's members. RTL-news who claims to have the complete accounting records off 2003 of the LPF, says that the party paid 60.000 EUR to the Belgium Safe Security Europe and that this firm has no official registration and no tax number. RTL also says that at this moment the LPF has arranged it's security with a 'official' security firm.

Source: Telegraaf

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Democracy is DEAD

Representative WildersOn the radio it is now announced that representative Geert Wilders will not be in parliament this week because his safety can not be guaranteed. The National coordinator for security and protections even told him that for his short term security it would be best as he would leave the country. But added the coordinator, this would not be helpful for his long term security situation, because if he returned to Holland it would probably draw media attention and that would lead to extra security threats. The national coordinator for security and protection was also instructed by Justice minister Donner (Christian Democrat), that if representative Wilders would go outside Holland he must first sign a paper that he did this on a voluntary basis.

The security personal that protects Geert Wilders told him that his seat in parliament was not safe, it is just below the public platform. Parliament chairman Weisglas (Liberal) knows about the issue, but says that he talked to the secret service (AIVD) and that it was not necessary to give Wilders an other seat in parliament. Weisglas: "Representative Wilders should not try to be involved with security, if the security services says it is needed, we will move him".

Representative Wilders who is busy to start his own conservative party says that this is nearly impossible now. People who where interested called off because the news, sited anonymous secret service agents who said that people who join or support Wilders will face the same security risks (read: dead threats). According to local politician Sorens, who worked together with assassinated Pim Fortuyn in the local election in Rotterdam, intimidation by political opponents of the major Dutch political parties is quit normal, they also intimidate him at the time.

But the responsible ministers did not want to confirm the charge that the secret service is warning Wilders supporters that their security is at risk. Justice Minister Donner (Christian Democrat): "rubbish, I can not imagine they do that" and internal affairs minister Remkes (Liberal) who is directly responsible for the secret service: "I do not know of such things". Justice minister Donner also said: "People around Wilders do not automatically get protection, they only get protection when there are direct threats against them or if we asses a danger". Then he continues to say that "in Israel there are only 7 people who get personal protection, so it is not necessary that every body around Wilders gets protection". But a Leon de Winter, reporter from Elsevier magazine says: "I have spoken with some who was in contact with Geert Wilders and who was warned by a government services about the dangers".

Not long a go both Donner and Remkes have said in parliament, that they did not make any mistakes in handling of the security of Theo van Gogh. They claimed that the security assessments around Theo van Gogh indicated no direct threat, just as the former Justice minister Klaas de Vries (Socialist) said after the murder on Pim Fortuyn. They are both dead and no minister either acknowledge their mistake or stepped down.

Thus minister Donner made that very clear: the safest option for representative Wilders is to end his political ambitions and emigrate. Not even to speak about possible supporters. The implicit message: it is better not to attract media attention any more. A parliament that is not able to protect its members, that accepts that two representatives (Hirsi Ali and Wilders) can not come to parliament and let it's members be told that they can better not speak out, is not a Democratic body any more. Holland is still a Democracy in name, but not in practice.

Sources: Telegraaf, nu, Nova, Elsevier

Terrorism not yet prohibited

Terrorist welcome!The Dutch government comes with a new plan to prohibit organizations that are on the EU terror list. They want to make it illegal to be an active member. As the proposal now is the organizations do not have to disband, only its members should stop their activity. They want to keep out organizations like PKK, Hamas and Al-Aqsa.

Yes you are reading it correctly, at this very moment Hamas is not an illegal organization in The Netherlands. You have to know, Hamas also does a lot of charity work.... (I do not make this up, this is what people say in the press here).

Source: fok

Schiphol airport unsafe

Schiphol is the major airport of HollandThe directory G. Cerfontaine of Schiphol Airport and major A. Hertog both say that the terror prevention of Schiphol is failing. On 23 of November Cerfontaine wrote a emergency letter to the departments of Justice, Interior, Finance, Defense and Transportation. He writes that the security situation is unacceptable and against all agreements made earlier.


Dutch accomplice Saddam arrested

Van AnraatThe police has arrested Frans van Anraat for involvement in war crimes and genocide committed by Saddam Hussein. He is suspected of having supplied Iraq during the 80's with large quantities of raw material for chemical weapons. The chemical weapons are used against Iran and the Kurds, in Halabja in 1988 around 5000 Kurds died after a chemical attack.

The man is now arrested because later this week the gossip magazine Nieuwe Revu is breaking the story about Frans van Anraat. Nieuwe Revu is the only Dutch media outlet to have a reporter in Iraq. They also write that the Americans where looking for Frans van Anraat between 1989 and 2000. Saddam took care of him and he lived under his protection in Baghdad. But Frans van Anraat fled Iraq last year and returned to The Netherlands.

Source: fok, NOS

Jihadists can't be charged

Mohammed BouyeriThe Justice department say they have no evidence against the other terrorist cell members of the Hofstad groep who where arrested hours after member Mohammed Bouyeri ritually slaughtered Theo van Gogh. But the terrorist will stay suspects in other criminal cases.

Since 11 September 2001 The Netherlands did not create any anti terrorist laws.

Source: NOS

Speed tickets for every one (2)

Dutch PoliceIn a earlier message, "Speed tickets for every one", I reported on the scandalous behavior of the Dutch government in taking care of road safety. Now new reports in the media say that the minister of infrastructure, Karla Peijs, has personally ordered the excessive ticketing of Dutch drivers instead of improving the road safety and warning signs. The excessive ticketing should protect her against liability claims in case of (fatal) accidents. The biggest auto mobile club (ANWB) already asked the Judicial branch to dismiss the charges because the very low speed limit was not clear.

Anonymous sources within the traffic police says its 'panic politics'. 'The police now gets all the heat but nobody will blame minister Peijs for these ridiculous acts'. The minister declined to comment but does not agree.

November most busy

Thank you for your taxesThe traffic information service has announced that never before so many people stood still on the roads of Holland as this November. They say that there is not much needed to create a traffic jam, 'the roads are just full'.

Although each year the roads get fuller, the government is not building many roads, most major roads did not change the last 10 years. But also the public transport did not get major investments and is also very busy and easy deregulated. The government has clearly its priorities else where, but where?

Monday, December 06, 2004

Turkey too aggressive

TurkeyDutch Christian Democrat (CDA) and European Representative Eurlings says that Turkey is too aggressive in its EU negotiations. They are trying to use power play to be admitted to the EU according to Eurlings. Eurlings is a member of a EU committee that is writing an advice about the admittance of Turkey for the European parliament and the member states that will be on vote next week.

Eurlings thinks that there should be additional condition met by Turkey before the admission procedure can start. "Turkey can only become a member state of the EU if it is just as free as the rest of Europe. And that is now not the situation", according to Eurlings. It is well known that Turkey is fiercely against this.

The leader of the Christian Democrat (CDA) faction in the EU parliament also warns Turkey that the should temper their tone, because their hard stand is already eroding popular support in Turkey it self. The Turkish people get the impression that the EU is asking to much. "It is already noticeable that the people are already critical about the EU. That should not become much worse because then we get bigger problems".

The Dutch minister president, is a Christian Democrat (CDA) as well and is currently the chairman of the European union. Earlier he has warned Erdogan for the Cyprus question and the fact that it is not allowed to build churches in Turkey. Representative Eurlings is young but seen as a high potential in the Christian Democrat party. The Christian democrats (CDA) and other government parties are in favor of Turkeys admission to the EU.

Source: Telegraaf

German paper: murder Van Gogh OK

The German news paper Vaki, that is read by Turkeys immigrants, writes that the murder on Theo van Gogh must seen as a form of self defense of Islam. The German justice has started an investigation.

Source: Morgenpost (DE)

Dutch soldiers rather walk

IraqDutch soldiers in Ar Rumaythah (Iraq) are going to do patrol the streets by walking instead of driving. Ar Rumaythah is the most dangerous place in the province Al Muthanna that the Dutch control but they say walking improves their relations with the Iraqi people. The Dutch army sees it self not as occupiers but as supporters of the local Iraqi authorities. Earlier this year Dutch government worked together with the local Iraqi authorities to prosecute a Dutch soldier who was suspected of shooting not according to the (secret) violence protocol of the mission. But on August 14, Dutch soldier Jeroen Severs died and 5 others where injured during an ambush in Ar Rumaythah. As there are rumors that the Dutch suspect involvement of the Iraqi governor or other local officials this seems to be an important reason not to extend the Iraqi mission next year.

Sources:, Telegraaf

Where is (R) Hirsi Ali?

Representative Ayaan Hirsi AliSince the ritual killing on Theo van Gogh we have not seen Hirsi Ali any more, she has not been able to come to parliament anymore. At the Elsevier website Leon de Winter says he had contact with her and he tells us that after the attack on Theo van Gogh there was a big panic. They forced representative Ayaan Hirsi Ali to turn in her phone and laptop. She was offered several options and was told that the option to return to parliament has the highest security risk and that anything could happen. Return to parliament of course meant that she would endanger her colleagues.

Leon de Winter argues if Hirsi Ali was not allowed to use either her mobile phone or Internet that can mean only one of two things. The Islamic radicals have advanced ways to trace this equipment or it is a way to politically silence her. Either way it means that in Holland parliament is not independent and can not protect it self from more powerful domestic forces.

Source: Elsevier blog 1, Elsevier blog 2

Iran warns Holland

IranFirst Holland was warned by the Islamic Tawhid Brigades terrorists if the Dutch would not stop reacting to the Muslim violence in their country. And now terrorist state Iran is 'warning' Holland.

The EU has complained to Iran about the treatment of journalist and religious minorities. As EU chairman Holland has delivered these complains of the EU. As a reaction the foreign minister Hamid Reza Asefi said that Iran expect that Holland and the other EU members will forestall infractions of Muslim rights.

The Iranian foreign minister also reacted to the ritual murder on Theo van Gogh: "In The Netherlands has the terrible behavior of one person [Theo van Gogh] provoked the Moslems". According to him the assassination is the consequence of the radical measures by enemies of Islam.

If you can find the press release with these statements, please leave a comment.

Source: fok

Dutch Muslims train in Iraq

The EU anti terror Czar Gijs de Vries (Dutch) has said in an newspaper interview with the Berliner Zeitung (German) that there are young European Muslims going to Iraq for a terrorist training. He says several hundred terrorist are already trained. In Holland, he says, there are now at least 30 young Muslims who returned to Holland after their Iraqi terrorist training and combat experience. The spokes person of the Dutch secret service (AIVD) says they do not recognize the Dutch numbers. But the Dutch services has the view point that if the public knows what's going on, this could lead to radicalization of the Dutch Muslim youth.

Source: Trouw,

Speed tickets for every one

The LAWOn some major three lane's highways the government used the wrong road building materials and this made these roads under certain conditions slippery. The answer of the government to these unsafe areas was to put up a speed limit sign. If you where driving these three lane hi-ways where you where normally to drive 120 Km/h, it could happen that out of nothing there is a speed limit sign with 70 Km/h. Apart from the sudden sign on the hi-way there is nothing to see, no police, no warnings, so most drivers don't see the sign. And if you would see the sign, you may consider not to adjust your speed to much for personal safety reasons, as most people behind you still drive 120 Km/h. Last month, it was already noted that the speed signs where not understood and widely ignored. But this week, the police placed their hidden radar camera's on the speed limit parts and they gave nearly all drivers big speeding tickets.

This kind of a-social government behavior is further eroding the publics feeling of a just government that is for them and not against them.

source: Telegraaf

Sunday, December 05, 2004

American Jihad in Holland

The Washington Post reports a good background story of one of the arrested terrorist Jason Walters who threw hand grades to the police. He is a sun of an Afro American father, Carl Walters, and Dutch mother Ingrid. It is un reported if the father is Muslim. What is known is that after Jason officially converted to Islam that he has traveled to Pakistan or Afghanistan. After that his mother fled her own house in Amserfoort because her sons where threatening her. She reported this to the police. The mosque in Amersfoort also reported to the police that her two sons where calling for the Jihad.

Read the full story: Washington Post (English).

Denmark and Submission

Muslims accuse Danish TV of incitement to religious hatred

Movie SubmissionCOPENHAGEN, Dec 5 (AFP) - A group of Muslims has reported a Danish broadcaster to the police for repeatedly airing a controversial film about Muslim oppression of women, Danish media reported on Sunday.

Some 20 Muslims are pressing charges against Danish public broadcaster Danmarks Radio (DR) for airing recently murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh`s film "Submission" in its entirety, as well as for repeatedly showing clips from the film in newscasts.

"My clients feel deeply offended," Laue Traberg Smidt, the lawyer representing the group, told DR on Sunday, adding that both Muslim clerics and members of the general public were among his clients.

"They have all come to me independently of each other because they feel that Danmarks Radio has gone too far, and that it is ignoring that the film is seen as an extraordinarily serious and manipulative insult against their religion," he added.

Van Gogh was brutally murdered on November 2 by a suspected Islamic radical apparently angered by his portrayal of Islam in the film, which shows women talking about abuse dressed in see-through robes with texts from the Koran painted on their bodies.

DR news director Lisbeth Knudsen rejected that the broadcaster`s decision to air the film and clips from the film constituted incitement to religious hatred.

"We are not airing clips from the film to feed on sensationalism or to offend those who have been offended by it (the film). We show these clips to put the debate over limited or unlimited freedom of speech into perspective," she said.

Source: TurkishPress

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Holland is nervous

PoliceThere seems to be an heightened alert for terrorists attacks in Holland. Today rail travel between Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Schiphol airport was suspended because of a suspicious package. The suspicious package turned out to contain an harmless down-pipe. Yesterday the street next to the royal palace in Amsterdam was evacuated because of a suspicious cycle-bag. The bombs squat was called and under laud laughs of the public they took the bag with them.

Wilders: IT's WAR

Representative Geert WildersIn today's free Metro newspaper representative says: "It's war". He is not to first to say this in Holland. The day after the ritual murder of Theo van Gogh, finance minister Zalm said the same thing. But he was denounced for that and he swallowed his words.

The Dutch secret service had the murder of Theo van Gogh under surveillance, Dutch police had him even arrested on terrorist suspicious. But the Dutch secret service found him not radical enough to be on the permanent watch list of 150 Islamic radicals like the people who stayed in his house and other who where arrested while driving his car. Conservative representative Wilders does not understand why the Dutch government does not arrest the 150 Islamic terrorists. He says the law offers several opportunities to take preventive measures. Or says he, they could create emergency laws.

But there is no support for Geert Wilders who is now under permanent protection of the corps royal and diplomatic protection which resides directly under the Queen of Holland.

Source: Metro

FT on Wilders

Read here the interview Geert Wilders had with the Financial Times.

Norway and Submission

Other demonstrations attract more moslemsIn Norway the Islamic leaders organized an anti Islamic violence demonstration. Reason was the assassination in the Netherlands of film maker Theo van Gogh by an Islamic terrorist (maker of the movie Submission). Many leading politicians and prime minister Bondevik joined the demonstration. But in total there came not more than 200 people to the demonstration. Prime minister Bondevik was disappointed in the small participation of Norwegian Moslems and their leaders.

Source: RTL nieuws

Friday, December 03, 2004

Unfair pay differences must stop

They never learnThe Dutch government wants an end to unfair pay differences. Minister De Geus has announced to take measures to stop the pay differences between man and women (7%), natives and immigrants (4%), full time and part time workers (5%), permanent contracts and temporary contracts (3%). The minister want to give the 'commission equal treatment' more legal means so employees can demand equal pay and he will research other means as well.

Source: Ministry of Social affairs and employment

Less and Less support for Hirsi Ali

representative Ayaan Hirsi AliThere has never been much political support for representative Ayaan Hirsi Ali on her critical stand on Islam. After the dead threats and ritual killing on her friend and directory of the movie Submission the political support seem to erode future. Colleagues of her own Liberal party and other parties give her the blame for not being in parliament. They denounce the fact that she has announced that she is planning a second part of her Islam critical movie Submission.

Today the Ministry of Justice said in a press release today that they will not stop Hirsi Ali from going to parliament: If she wishes to go there, we will work on fitting security measures. They also said that her communication with the outside world was limited and controlled for her own safety.

Sources: Ministry of Justice, Brabands dagblad, Algemeen dagblad

Also integration for natives

The DutchThe mandatory integration into Dutch society can not be for immigrants only, integration should also be mandatory for everybody who has less than 8 years of education otherwise it would be discrimination. This advice came from a advice commission of the ministry of Justice. Minister Verdonk of integration affairs agrees with the commission.

Source: Telegraaf

Work sentence for death threat Wilders

Represenative Geert WildersThe prosecutor asked for 3 moths imprisonment for the 30 year old Muslim Farid Achahboun who made dead threats to conservative representative Wilders. But the judge gave him only 120 hours of community service. Farid did his threats on a popular Muslim website "Wilders must be punished by dead for his fascist judgments on Islam, Muslims and the Palestinian cause" and added a photo of Wilders. He said he did the threats because Wilders called Arafat a terrorist leader.