Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Photo Dutch Jihad

Mohammed Bouyeri, terrorist who killed Theo van Gogh

Today the police showed the photo of the Dutch Jihad warrior Mohammed Bouyeri, who executed Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh. The photo was showed in a television program on the state television. According to the police this was done for getting more information about the suspect. The lawyer of Mohammed does not agree, because it is shown so long after the attack. Good question why did it take that long?


Anonymous Geuix said...

Because dutch government is the enemie of the people. If they would give Sharia to only moslims, chopping hands of off Maroccan hypocrites stealing our bikes and woman, these intruders would behave within a month. But no, dutch media go's hypocrite discussing Wilders payment for fooling the people. Sharia is hand chopped of off Marroccan youth, one left for cleaning toilets if want stay, to crowded here. But politicians if not carefull chop head of, the Catholics that is, van Agt, Lubbers, den Uyl, the latter gave passports to marrocan workers and imported mosks. Dutch are so stupid they think Joop den Uyl was Socialist, but it was a Roman Catholic. I hate the hypocrites because they steal, rape and kill and than go ask mother mary pray for forgiveness. Moslims is same as Roman Catholics but poor as Pakistan and killed also Mahatma Ghandhi and daughter.

12:42 PM  
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